Field-portable Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer ( GC-MS ) Unit for Semi-volatile Compound Analysis in Groundwater

  title={Field-portable Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer ( GC-MS ) Unit for Semi-volatile Compound Analysis in Groundwater},
  author={Amber L. Russell and Thomas Georgian and David E. Splichal and Charolett A. Hayes and Phil Tackett and William T. Jones and Dina R Justes and L. Neergaard Parker and Robert A. Kirgan},
This effort demonstrated the use of field-portable instrumentation for the quantification of munitions constituents in groundwater, without the need to ship water samples to a fixed analytical laboratory. The results indicate that similar reporting limits can be obtained using the field-portable instrument when coupled to solid phase extraction sample preparation, yet instrument stability at the low concentration range is an issue. The instrumentation was tested on 28 groundwater samples for a… CONTINUE READING


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