Field-induced valence fluctuations in YbB12

  title={Field-induced valence fluctuations in 
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Application of FPGA based Lock-in amplifier for ultrasound propagation measurements using the pulse-echo technique

—We describe application of a state-of-the art digital FPGA-based Lock-In amplifier to measurements of ultrasound propagation and attenuation at fixed frequency in low tem- peratures and in static

Hall Anomaly, Quantum Oscillations and Possible Lifshitz Transitions in Kondo Insulator YbB12 : Evidence for Unconventional Charge Transport

In correlated electronic systems, strong interactions and the interplay between different degrees of freedom may give rise to anomalous charge transport properties, which can be tuned by exter-nal



Physical Acoustics in the Solid State

This article reviews Physical Acoustics in the Solid State by B. Luthi , Berlin, 2005. 428 pp. Price $179.00 (hardcover). ISBN: 3540229108.


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Physical acoustics in the solid state

Experimental Techniques.- Elasticity.- Thermodynamics and Phase Transitions.- Acoustic Waves in the Presence of Magnetic Ions.- Ultrasonics at Magnetic Phase Transitions.- Ultrasonics at Structural


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