Field Theory of Non-Equilibrium Systems

  title={Field Theory of Non-Equilibrium Systems},
  author={Alex Kamenev},
1. Introduction 2. Bosons 3. Single particle quantum mechanics 4. Classical stochastic systems 5. Bosonic fields 6. Dynamics of collisionless plasma 7. Kinetics of Bose condensates 8. Dynamics of phase transitions 9. Fermions 10. Quantum transport 11. Disordered fermionic systems 12. Mesoscopic effects 13. Electron-electron interactions in disordered metals 14. Dynamics of disordered superconductors References Index. 
Numerical Simulation of Finite-Temperature Field Theory for Interacting Bosons.
A stable and efficient complex Langevin sampling scheme for performing approximation-free numerical simulations directly on the path-integral coherent-states field theory for an assembly of interacting bosons and a new approach enjoys near-linear scaling in the resolved (d+1) spatial and imaginary-time dimensions. Expand
Critical Dynamics: A Field Theory Approach to Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Scaling Behavior
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Sinai Diffusion at Quasi-1D Topological Phase Transitions.
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Quantum dissipation in a scalar field theory with gapped momentum states
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Quench dynamics of one-dimensional interacting bosons in a disordered potential: elastic dephasing and critical speeding-up of thermalization.
Thermalization turns out to be most effective close to the superfluid-Bose-glass critical point where nonlinearities become more and more important. Expand