Field Theory in Elementary Particles

  title={Field Theory in Elementary Particles},
  author={Behram Kursunoglu and Arnold Perlmutter and Susan M. Widmayer and Uri Bernstein and Joseph Hubbard and Christian Le Monnier and Laurence Mittag and Donald Pettengill},
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Employing the current world average ~S = 0.160 GeV as input, the minimal Georgi-Glashow SUeS) model predicts sin2§w(~) = 0.214, 29 ro. 1m ~ 2.8 and, : (0.4 12) o , p x 10 yr. The first two predictions are in excellent agreement with experiment; but the implied proton lifetime is already somewhat below the present experimental bound. In this status report, uncertainties in, are described and effects p of appendages to the SUeS) model (such as new fermion generations, scalars, supersymmetry etc… CONTINUE READING