Field Theory Tests for Correlators in the AdS / CFT Correspondence

  title={Field Theory Tests for Correlators in the AdS / CFT Correspondence},
  author={Eric D’Hoker and Daniel Z. Freedman and W itold Skiba},
The order g2 radiative corrections to all 2and 3-point correlators of the composite primary operators TrXk are computed in N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory with gauge group SU(N). Corrections are found to vanish for all N . For k = 2 this is a consequence of known superconformal nonrenormalization theorems, and for general k the result confirms an N → ∞, fixed large g2N supergravity calculation and further conjectures in hep-th/9806074. A 3-point correlator involving N = 4 descendents of… CONTINUE READING

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