Field-Effect Transistors Based on Single Semiconducting Oxide Nanobelts

  title={Field-Effect Transistors Based on Single Semiconducting Oxide Nanobelts},
  author={Michael S Arnold and Phaedon Avouris and Zheng Wei Pan and Zhong Lin Wang}
We have fabricated field-effect transistors (FETs) based on single SnO 2 a d ZnO nanobelts of thicknesses between 10 and 30 nm. Switching ratios as large as 6 orders of magnitude and conductivities as high as 15 (Ω cm)-1 are observed. Annealing SnO 2 nanobelt FETs in an oxygen-deficient atmosphere produces a negative shift in gate threshold voltage, indicating doping by the generation of surface oxygen vacancies. This treatment provides an effective way of tuning the electrical performance of… CONTINUE READING
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