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Fiduciary Law’s ‘Holy Grail’: Reconciling Theory and Practice in Fiduciary Jurisprudence

  title={Fiduciary Law’s ‘Holy Grail’: Reconciling Theory and Practice in Fiduciary Jurisprudence},
  author={Leonard I. Rotman},
Fiduciary law has experienced tremendous growth over the past few decades. However, its indiscriminate and generally unexplained use, particularly to justify results-oriented decision making, has created a confused and problematic jurisprudence. Fiduciary law was never intended to apply to the garden variety of cases. Rather, it was established for use only where the laws of contract, tort and unjust enrichment were silent or deficient. Yet, even in those circumstances, it applied solely in… 
Understanding Fiduciary Duties and Relationship Fiduciarity
How well do we truly understand the legal concepts we regularly use and discuss? Truly understanding a legal concept necessitates understanding why it exists, what it was constructed to accomplish,
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No one doubts that lawyers have fiduciary duties. Yet the justification for and scope of those duties is surprisingly unclear. Case law grounds fiduciary duties in the fiduciary’s exercise of
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This symposium Article theorizes and assesses transnational legal ordering of fiduciary law. Fiduciary law imposes legally enforceable duties on those entrusted with discretionary authority over the
The Limits of Laissez-Faire: Free Competition, Freedom of Contract, and Other-Regard as a Competing Principle of Commercial Private Law
A principle of laissez-faire has long dominated the doctrinal development of contract and tort as they apply to commerce. By contrast, opposition to laissez-faire developed in piecemeal fashion,
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This paper provides a crucial corrective to the “corporate social responsibility” debate, which concerns whether corporations have the obligation to protect or serve the interests of groups other
Obligations in the shade: the application of fiduciary directors' duties to shadow directors
This paper argues that shadow directors, as defined in English law, ought to owe the full range of directors' duties, both fiduciary and non-fiduciary, enacted in the Companies Act 2006 (CA 2006), ss
A Critical Analysis of the Dismissal of Public Officials for Breach of Fiduciary Duties
Abstract In the employment sphere, misconduct is an all-embracing term. This paper examines acts arising from the conduct of the public officials which have a negative effect on the business of the
Digital health fiduciaries: protecting user privacy when sharing health data
  • Chirag Arora
  • Computer Science
    Ethics and Information Technology
  • 2019
This paper argues for fiduciary relationships, which put deliberative demands on digital health data controllers to keep the interests of their data subjects at the forefront as well as cater to the contextual nature of privacy.
Reforming Not-for-Profit Organisations in Australia : a Work in Progress
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