Fictitious Problems in Mathematics

  title={Fictitious Problems in Mathematics},
  author={George H. Bryan},
ON reference to § 156 of “Rigid Dynamics,” it will be seen that the definition there given is identical with that contained in Dr. Routh's letter of May 25, with the exception that the words “When the bodies …” occur in my edition instead of “When bodies . …” No statement is made as to what is meant by saying that a body is perfectly rough, and it is against this latter mode of expression that my attack is directed. For this reason it may be maintained that the definition given in the book in… 
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Whittaker’s analytical dynamics: a biography
Originally published in 1904, Whittaker’s A Treatise on the Analytical Dynamics of Particles and Rigid Bodies soon became a classic of the subject and has remained in print for most of these 108