Fictitious Nonfiction: Fiktionalisierungs- und Erzählstrategien in der zeitgenössischen amerikanischen Dokumentarprosa

  title={Fictitious Nonfiction: Fiktionalisierungs- und Erz{\"a}hlstrategien in der zeitgen{\"o}ssischen amerikanischen Dokumentarprosa},
  author={P. Bruck},
’The Nonfiction Novel,’ or, ‘The New Journalism,’ are terms that have been used in an attempt to describe a type of novel that, since the publication of Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood in 1965 has come to play a major role in the American literary scene. The claims to authenticity in the so-called documentary novel present a challenge to the now familiar fictional technique of subjectivity and experiment. The new documentary novel, in contrast to this, signals the return of the outmoded narrator… Expand