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Fiction, Fact, and Imagination: A Tokelau Narrative

  title={Fiction, Fact, and Imagination: A Tokelau Narrative},
  author={Judith Huntsman},
Some years ago I read and later published (1981a) a short paper proposing that Polynesian oral narratives be viewed as creative art rather than sacrosanct “tradition,” and that this change in perspective called for a very different approach to the study of narratives. Instead of seeking the authentic “tradition,” scholars would listen to and record many renderings of the same narrative (or similar narratives) and talk about them with their tellers and audiences. I concluded (221): “If we listen… 
Manu narratives of Polynesia: a comparative study of birds in 300 traditional Polynesian stories
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The music guided her through the moonless night and although she was exhausted, she kept on paddling. She was getting near to Mokoia but the cold water had chilled her to the bone and she began to
Annotated bibliography 1986-1990
The following compilation represents the third installment of Oral Tradition's ongoing annotated bibliography of scholarship relevant to the field. This addition, covering the years 1986-1990,


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This volume is a collection of the most important essays written by Franz Boas on the science of anthropology. "Franz Boas is the father of American anthropology and one of the founders of the field
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Literary aspects of North American mythology
Ethnology of Tokelau Islands
Contemporary Arts in Oceania.
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