Fiche 211 – Score de Silverman219

  title={Fiche 211 – Score de Silverman219},
  author={Isma{\"e}l Hssain},
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Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) vs noninvasive positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) vs noninvasive high frequency oscillation ventilation (NHFOV) as post-extubation support in preterm neonates: protocol for an assessor-blinded, multicenter, randomized controlled trial

An assessor-blinded, multicenter, three-arms, parallel, pragmatic, randomized, controlled trial with a superiority design, investigating the use of CPAP vs NIPPV vs NHFOV during the whole stay in neonatal intensive care units in China.

Effect of Surfactant Therapy Using Orogastric Tube for Tracheal Catheterization in Preterm Newborns with Respiratory Distress

The modified MIST technique is an effective method for the treatment of RDS in preterms with better clinical efficacy and comparable outcomes than the more invasive InSurE procedure and deserves further evaluation.

Comparison of Seven and Five Centimetre of Water as Initiating Continuous Airway Pressure Levels in Preterm Neonates with Respiratory Distress

This openlabel randomised controlled trial was conducted in neonatal intensive care unit of a teaching hospital on forty-five neonates who were born at 28–35 wk of gestation, weighed less than 2000 g at birth and required nCPAP for respiratory distress within 24 h of birth.

Interpreting category II fetal heart rate tracings: does meconium matter?

The presence of meconium is associated with an increased risk of neonatal morbidity in women with category II FHR pattern in labor, and this clinical factor may assist clinicians in managing category IIFHR patterns in labor.

Outcome of Intubate Surfactant Rapidly Extubate (InSuRE): An Indian Experience

InSuRE is feasible in developing countries, however, large multicentric randomised controlled trials are needed to prove the safety and efficacy in the authors' settings.