Fiche 209 – Score d'Apgar217

  title={Fiche 209 – Score d'Apgar217},
  author={Isma{\"e}l Hssain},
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Perinatal complications and executive dysfunction in early-onset schizophrenia

Exposure to perinatal complications, and particularly a shorter gestational length, was associated with increased executive dysfunction in EOS, indicating that EOS youths learn more slowly and experience more difficulty with problem-solving, which carry important implications for clinical practice.

Comparison of ropivacaine combined with sufentanil for epidural anesthesia and spinal-epidural anesthesia in labor analgesia

Considering ropivacaine combined with sufentanil for CSEA achieved a shorter onset time and labor period, significant analgesic effect, lower adverse drug reactions rates and higher subject satisfaction than CEA, it may be worthy of clinical promotion and application.

Apgar score of 0 at 10 min and survival to 1 year of age: a retrospective cohort study in Washington state

Survival at 1 year of age for newborns with an Apgar score of 0 at 5 and 10 min has improved, as compared with historic cohorts, and cautious optimism is warranted since morbidity-free survival could not be assessed.

Deceleration of fetal growth rate as alternative predictor for childhood outcomes: a birth cohort study

Both decelerated growth and SGA are associated with unfavorable clinical outcomes in childhood and neonates with deceleration of growth should be considered a high-risk group.

Effect of early versus delayed cord clamping in neonate on heart rate, breathing and oxygen saturation during first 10 minutes of birth - randomized clinical trial

Spontaneously breathing babies subjected to DCC have higher oxygen saturation up to 10 min after birth compared to those who have undergone ECC and time of spontaneous breathing was established earlier in babies who had cord clamping at 180 s or more.

In vivo evidence of inflammasome activation during spontaneous labor at term

  • B. PanaitescuR. Romero Chaur-Dong Hsu
  • Medicine, Biology
    The journal of maternal-fetal & neonatal medicine : the official journal of the European Association of Perinatal Medicine, the Federation of Asia and Oceania Perinatal Societies, the International Society of Perinatal Obstetricians
  • 2019
Findings provide in vivo evidence that there is inflammasome activation in the amniotic cavity during the physiological process of labor at term, and suggest that these cells are a source of extracellular ASC in theAmniotic fluid.

Low Apgar scores in term newborns and long-term gastro-intestinal morbidity: a population-based cohort study with up to 18 years of follow-up*

The results suggest that Apgar scores can be used as a possible predictor for long-term pediatric morbidities and thus may necessitate appropriate surveillance in this vulnerable group of children.

Multitask learning and benchmarking with clinical time series data

This work proposes four clinical prediction benchmarks using data derived from the publicly available Medical Information Mart for Intensive Care (MIMIC-III) database, covering a range of clinical problems including modeling risk of mortality, forecasting length of stay, detecting physiologic decline, and phenotype classification.

Examination of the Newborn

This chapter will help you to perform a neonatal examination in a professional and comprehensive, yet concise, manner.

The Jittery Baby and Seizures

  • L. Papile
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Common Problems in the Newborn Nursery
  • 2018
This chapter reviews the presentation and treatment of neonatal seizure-like events including secondary apnea, jitteriness, neonatal encephalopathy, benign neonatal sleep myoclonus, and neonatal abstinence syndrome.