Fibulin-5 accelerates elastic fibre assembly in human skin fibroblasts.

  title={Fibulin-5 accelerates elastic fibre assembly in human skin fibroblasts.},
  author={Yuji Katsuta and Yuki Ogura and Shunsuke Iriyama and Paul F. Goetinck and John F. Klement and Jouni Uitto and Satoshi Amano},
  journal={Experimental dermatology},
  volume={17 10},
Fibulin-5 null mice display abnormalities in the elastic fibres in the dermis. We postulated, therefore, that fibulin-5 might be a regulator of elastic fibre assembly and stability. To clarify the role of fibulin-5 in elastic fibre formation, we employed in vitro systems that allowed increasing expression of elastic fibre components by gene transduction using retroviral vector constructs. First, the human tropoelastin gene (ELN) was transduced into human dermal fibroblasts, which resulted in… CONTINUE READING


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Molecular analysis of fibulin-5 function during de novo synthesis of elastic fibers

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