Fibrous Proteins: Amyloids, Prions and Beta Proteins

  title={Fibrous Proteins: Amyloids, Prions and Beta Proteins},
  author={Andrey V. Kajava and John M. Squire and David A. D. Parry},
Beta-Structures in Fibrous Proteins. B-Silks: Enhancing and Controlling Aggregation. Beta-Rolls, Beta-Helices and Other Beta-Solenoid Proteins. Natural Triple B-Stranded Fibrous Folds. Structure, Function and Amyloidogenesis of Fungal. Prions: Filament Polymorphism and Prion Variants. X-Ray Fiber and powder Diffraction of PRP Prion Peptides. From the Polymorphism of Amyloid Fibrils to Their Assembly Mechanism and Cytotoxicity. Structural Models of Amyloid-like Fibrils.