Fibronectin regulates epithelial organization during myocardial migration in zebrafish.

  title={Fibronectin regulates epithelial organization during myocardial migration in zebrafish.},
  author={Le A. Trinh and Didier Y. R. Stainier},
  journal={Developmental cell},
  volume={6 3},
Several genes have been implicated in heart tube formation, yet we know little about underlying cellular mechanisms. We analyzed the cellular architecture of the migrating myocardial precursors, and find that they form coherent epithelia that mature as they move medially. Mutant analyses indicate that the cardia bifida locus natter (nat) is required for the integrity of the myocardial epithelia. We positionally cloned nat and show that it encodes Fibronectin. During myocardial migration… CONTINUE READING
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