Fibronectin and integrins in cell adhesion, signaling, and morphogenesis.

  title={Fibronectin and integrins in cell adhesion, signaling, and morphogenesis.},
  author={Shigeki Miyamoto and B Z Katz and Robert M Lafrenie and Kenneth M Yamada},
  journal={Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences},
Fibronectin and integrins play crucial roles in a variety of morphogenetic processes, in which they mediate cell adhesion, migration, and signal transduction. They induce hierarchical transmembrane organization of cytoskeletal and signaling molecules into multimolecular complexes of more than 30 proteins. Organization of these complexes is a synergistic process dependent on integrin aggregation and occupancy, as well as tyrosine phosphorylation. Integrins also cooperate with growth-factor… CONTINUE READING