Fibroblast-specific common fragile sites induced by aphidicolin

  title={Fibroblast-specific common fragile sites induced by aphidicolin},
  author={Ichiro Murano and Akira Kuwano and Tadashi Kajii},
  journal={Human Genetics},
The distribution and frequency of aphidicolin-induced common fragile sites were studied in chromosomes of cultured skin fibroblasts and PHA-stimulated lymphocytes from five normal individuals; 0.2 μM aphidicolin was added for the last 26 h of culture. Skin fibroblasts from five fra(X)-positive patients were also studied in the same manner. Fragile sites most frequently found in fibroblasts from normal individuals were 3q26.2, 7q11.23, 16q23, 1p31, 10q11.2, 12q23 and 7q31, whereas those in… CONTINUE READING

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