Fibroblast-mediated acceleration of human epithelial tumor growth in vivo.

  title={Fibroblast-mediated acceleration of human epithelial tumor growth in vivo.},
  author={J L Camps and Sandra M Chang and Tao C Hsu and Marc R. Freeman and Sung Joon Hong and Haiyen E. Zhau and Andrew von Eschenbach and Lo Woei Chung},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={87 1},
Transformed fibroblasts coinoculated with epithelial cells accelerated the growth and shortened the latency period of human epithelial tumors in athymic mice. Addition of NbF-1 fibroblasts caused epithelial tumors to grow from five marginally tumorigenic or "nontumorigenic" (nontumor-forming) human tumor cell lines or strains: PC-3 (prostate), WH (bladder), MDA-436 (breast), and cells derived from the ascites fluids of patients with metastatic renal pelvic or prostate cancers. Evidence for the… CONTINUE READING


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