[Fibrinolytic activity of natural variants of Bacillus mesentericus].


The natural variability of the ability to synthesize proteinases by Bacillus mesentericus 64 was studied. The population of this strain was shown to be heterogeneous. Three types of variants (S, M and P) differed in the morphology of their colonies and in the culture characteristics from the typical colonies of the parent strain. The caseinolytic activity… (More)


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@article{Imshenetski1987FibrinolyticAO, title={[Fibrinolytic activity of natural variants of Bacillus mesentericus].}, author={A A Imshenetskiĭ and G. V. Cherkesova and I D Kasatkina and N. G. Nesterova and Z S Fetisova}, journal={Mikrobiologiia}, year={1987}, volume={56 6}, pages={947-50} }