Fibrinogen depleting agents for acute ischaemic stroke.

  title={Fibrinogen depleting agents for acute ischaemic stroke.},
  author={Zilong Hao and Ming Liu and Carl E. Counsell and Joanna M. Wardlaw and Sen Lin and Xiaoling Zhao},
  journal={The Cochrane database of systematic reviews},
BACKGROUND Fibrinogen depleting agents reduce fibrinogen in blood plasma, reduce blood viscosity and hence increase blood flow. This may help remove the blood clot blocking the artery and re-establish blood flow to the affected area of the brain after an ischaemic stroke. The risk of haemorrhage may be less than with thrombolytic agents. This is an update of a Cochrane review first published in 1997 and last updated in 2003. OBJECTIVES To assess the effect of fibrinogen depleting agents in… CONTINUE READING