Fibrin glue-assisted sutureless scleral fixation.

  title={Fibrin glue-assisted sutureless scleral fixation.},
  author={Khalil Ghasemi Falavarjani and Mehdi Modarres and Alireza R Foroutan and Pejman Bakhtiari},
  journal={Journal of cataract and refractive surgery},
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one of the main problems associated with transscleral fixation of suture-fixated IOLs. However, in our technique, the IOL haptic is secured inside scleral pockets (Figure 1) at the site where the tip is externalized. In the ongoing trial, we routinely tuck the haptic tip inside a scleral tunnel made with a 26-gauge needle. We have operated on 120 eyes with scleral tucking of the haptic tip. The postoperative follow-up is up to 9 months, and there has been no spontaneous dislocation. Another… CONTINUE READING