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Fibre-yielding plant resources of Odisha and traditional fibre preparation knowledge − An overview

  title={Fibre-yielding plant resources of Odisha and traditional fibre preparation knowledge − An overview},
  author={Sudipto Sahu and Snigdha Pattnaik and Sudhansu Sekhar Dash and Nabin Kumar Dhal},
The paper enumerates a brief overview of 26 different uses of 146 plant species belonging to 98 genera and 40 families in the state Odisha. A few case studies were carried out on some promising species to explore the traditional methods of fibre extraction and their various uses. The data mainly based on field surveys and ethnobotanical information collection through open ended/structured/Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) methods. This account not only provides valuable information on the… 
Potential of Okra for Application in Textiles: A Review
ABSTRACT Synthetic hydrocarbon-based biostable polymeric fibres contribute about 60% of the global fibre production. Though they are very effective as far as their end application is concerned, the


Economic forest Resources of Garhwal-kumaun Himalaya
The economic forest resources of the Garhwal-Kumaun Himalaya (Uttrakhand) has been explored in the present paper with special reference to medicinal and other economic plants which may be used to
Wounaan and Emberá use and management of the fiber palmAstrocaryum standleyanum (Arecaceae) for basketry in eastern Panamá
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This study examines the use of Astrocaryum standleyanum for basketry by Wounaan and Emberá artisans in Panama. Fibers from the palm are a traditional source of material for baskets, which have become
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