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Fibre Bundles, Jet Manifolds and Lagrangian Theory. Lectures for Theoreticians

  title={Fibre Bundles, Jet Manifolds and Lagrangian Theory. Lectures for Theoreticians},
In contrast with QFT, classical field theory can be formulated in a strict mathematical way by treating classical fields as sections of smooth fibre bundles. Addressing to the theoreticians, these Lectures aim to compile the relevant material on fibre bundles, jet manifolds, connections, graded manifolds and Lagrangian theory. They follow the perennial course of lectures on geometric methods in field theory at the Department of Theoretical Physics of Moscow State University. 

Lectures on supergeometry

Elements of supergeometry are an ingredient in many contemporary classical and quantum field models involving odd fields. For instance, this is the case of SUSY field theory, BRST theory,

The Profinite Dimensional Manifold Structure of Formal Solution Spaces of Formally Integrable PDEs

In this paper, we study the formal solution space of a nonlinear PDE in a fiber bundle. To this end, we start with foundational material and introduce the notion of a pfd structure to build up a new

Exceptional Generalized Geometry, Topological p-branes and Wess-Zumino-Witten Terms

We study the interplay between the AKSZ construction of σ-models, the Hamiltonian formalism in the language of symplectic dg-geometry, the encoding of dynamics and symmetries inside algebroid

Lectures on integrable Hamiltonian systems

We consider integrable Hamiltonian systems in a general setting of invariant submanifolds which need not be compact. For instance, this is the case a global Kepler system, non-autonomous integrable

Finite Higher Spin Transformations from Exponentiation

We study the exponentiation of elements of the gauge Lie algebras hs(λ) of three-dimensional higher spin theories. Exponentiable elements generate one-parameter groups of finite higher spin

Duality, Generalized Global Symmetries and Jet Space Isometries

We revisit universal features of duality in linear and nonlinear relativistic scalar and Abelian 1-form theories with single or multiple fields, which exhibit ordinary or generalized global

On generally covariant mathematical formulation of Feynman integral in Lorentz signature

  • A. László
  • Mathematics
    Classical and Quantum Gravity
  • 2022
It is widely accepted that the Feynman integral is one of the most promising methodologies for defining a generally covariant formulation of nonperturbative interacting quantum field theories (QFTs)

Inverse Higgs phenomena as duals of holonomic constraints

The inverse Higgs phenomenon, which plays an important rôle in physical systems with Goldstone bosons (such as the phonons in a crystal) involves nonholonomic mechanical constraints. By formulating

Same-diff? Conceptual similarities between gauge transformations and diffeomorphisms. Part I: Symmetries and isomorphisms

The following questions are germane to our understanding of gauge-(in)variant quantities and physical possibility: how are gauge transformations and spacetime diffeomorphisms understood as symmetries,

Same-diff ? Part I : Conceptual similarities ( and one difference ) between gauge transformations and diffeomorphisms

The following questions are germane to our understanding of gauge-(in)variant quantities and physical possibility: in which ways are gauge transformations and spacetime diffeomorphisms similar, and



Topology of Fibre Bundles

Fibre bundles, an integral part of differential geometry, are also important to physics. This text, a succint introduction to fibre bundles, includes such topics as differentiable manifolds and

Advanced Classical Field Theory

Differential Calculus on Fiber Bundles Lagrangian Theory on Fiber Bundles Covariant Hamiltonian Field Theory Grassmann-Graded Lagrangian Theory Lagrangian BRST Theory Gauge Theory on Principal Fiber

Lagrangian Supersymmetries Depending on Derivatives. Global Analysis and Cohomology

Lagrangian contact supersymmetries (depending on derivatives of arbitrary order) are treated in a very general setting. The cohomology of the variational bicomplex on an arbitrary graded manifold and

Connections in Classical and Quantum Field Theory

Elementary gauge theory geometry of fiber bundles geometric gauge theory gravitation topological invariants in field theory jet bundle formalism Hamiltonian formalism in field theory

Graded Infinite Order Jet Manifolds

The relevant material on differential calculus on graded infinite order jet manifolds and its cohomology is summarized. This mathematics provides the adequate formulation of Lagrangian theories of

Natural operations in differential geometry

I. Manifolds and Lie Groups.- II. Differential Forms.- III. Bundles and Connections.- IV. Jets and Natural Bundles.- V. Finite Order Theorems.- VI. Methods for Finding Natural Operators.- VII.

Natural and gauge natural formalism for classical field theorie[s] : a geometric perspective including spinors and gauge theories

I The Geometric Setting Introduction.- 1. Fiber Bundles.- 2. Jet Bundles.- 3. Principal Bundles and Connections.- 4. Natural Bundles.- 5. Gauge Natural Bundles.- II The Variational Structure of Field

The Geometry of Jet Bundles

Introduction 1. Bundles 2. Linear bundles 3. Linear operations on general bundles 4. First-order jet bundles 5. Second-order jet bundles 6. Higher-order jet bundles 7. Infinite jet bundles

On the notion of gauge symmetries of generic Lagrangian field theory

General Lagrangian theory of even and odd fields on an arbitrary smooth manifold is considered. Its non-trivial reducible gauge symmetries and their algebra are defined in this very general setting

The KT-BRST Complex of a Degenerate Lagrangian System

Quantization of a Lagrangian field system essentially depends on its degeneracy and implies its BRST extension defined by sets of non-trivial Noether and higher-stage Noether identities. However, one