Fibonacci heaps and their uses in improved network optimization algorithms

  title={Fibonacci heaps and their uses in improved network optimization algorithms},
  author={M. Fredman and R. Tarjan},
  journal={J. ACM},
  • M. Fredman, R. Tarjan
  • Published 1987
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • J. ACM
  • In this paper we develop a new data structure for implementing heaps (priority queues). Our structure, <italic>Fibonacci heaps</italic> (abbreviated <italic>F-heaps</italic>), extends the binomial queues proposed by Vuillemin and studied further by Brown. F-heaps support arbitrary deletion from an <italic>n</italic>-item heap in <italic>O</italic>(log <italic>n</italic>) amortized time and all other standard heap operations in <italic>O</italic>(1) amortized time. Using F-heaps we are able to… CONTINUE READING
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