Fiber surface Bragg grating waveguide for refractive index measurements.

  title={Fiber surface Bragg grating waveguide for refractive index measurements.},
  author={Chupao Lin and Changrui Liao and Jia Wang and Jun He and Ying Wang and Zhengyong Li and Tianhang Yang and Feng Zhu and Kaiming Yang and Zhe Zhang and Yiping Wang},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={42 9},
A fiber surface Bragg grating waveguide (BGW) fabricated in the surface of single-mode fiber by direct femtosecond laser inscription is demonstrated and successfully applied for refractive index (RI) measurements. Prior to laser inscription of the fiber surface BGW, an X-coupler is first inscribed across the fiber core to couple light from the core to the fiber surface. The light transmitted in the fiber surface BGW efficiently interacts with the surrounding medium due to a strong evanescent… CONTINUE READING

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