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Fiber products of rank 1 superrigid lattices and quasi-isometric embeddings

  title={Fiber products of rank 1 superrigid lattices and quasi-isometric embeddings},
  author={Konstantinos Tsouvalas},
Let Γ be an irreducible lattice of a real algebraic semisimple Lie group G. If Γ is cocompact, then the inclusion of Γ in G is a quasi-isometric embedding. More precisely, if we equip the symmetric space G/K associated to G with the left invariant Riemannian distance dG/K induced by the Killing metric, and identify (via the orbit map) Γ as a subset of G/K, then dG/K restricted on Γ is coarsely equivalent with any left invariant word metric on Γ induced by a finite generating subset. If Γ is not… 
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. Let Γ be a finitely generated group and N be a normal subgroup of Γ. The fiber product of Γ with respect to N is the subgroup Γ × N Γ = (cid:8) ( γ,γw ) : γ ∈ Γ ,w ∈ N (cid:9) of the direct product Γ



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1. Statement of Main Results.- 2. Synopsis of the Chapters.- 3. Remarks on the Structure of the Book, References and Notation.- 1. Preliminaries.- 0. Notation, Terminology and Some Basic Facts.- 1.

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Harmonic maps into singular spaces andp-adic superrigidity for lattices in groups of rank one

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