Fiber-Optic Pyrometer for Very Localized Temperature Measurements in a Turning Process

  title={Fiber-Optic Pyrometer for Very Localized Temperature Measurements in a Turning Process},
  author={A. Tapetado and Jos{\'e} D{\'i}az-{\'A}lvarez and Henar Migu{\'e}lez and Carmen V{\'a}zquez},
  journal={IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics},
A fiber-optic two-color pyrometer based on glass multimode fibers with 62.5 μm diameter and 0.275 numerical aperture is used for localized temperature measurements in turning processes. Operation wavelengths improve temperature measurement accuracy. The system is capable of measuring temperature in the range from 300 to 650 °C in a surface area below 0.16 mm2. Numerical simulation of the calibration curves including manufacturer tolerances are reported, showing good agreement with the… CONTINUE READING
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