Fiber-Optic Inclinometer Based on Taper Michelson Interferometer

  title={Fiber-Optic Inclinometer Based on Taper Michelson Interferometer},
  author={Luis M. N. Amaral and Orlando Fraz{\~a}o and J. de los Santos and A. B. Lobo Ribeiro},
  journal={IEEE Sensors Journal},
A compact fiber-optic inclinometer based on a fiber-taper Michelson interferometric sensor is constructed and demonstrated. The sensor consist of a single symmetrically taper waist of 80 μm distanced 30 mm from the single-mode fiber end-tip right-angled cleaved. The amplitude of the bending angle of the fiber taper interferometer is obtained by passive interferometric interrogation based on the generation of two quadrature phase-shifted signals from two fiber Bragg gratings with different… CONTINUE READING


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