Fiber Bragg grating technology fundamentals and overview

  title={Fiber Bragg grating technology fundamentals and overview},
  author={Kenneth Owen Hill and Gerald Meltz},
  journal={Journal of Lightwave Technology},
  • K. Hill, G. Meltz
  • Published 1 August 1997
  • Physics
  • Journal of Lightwave Technology
The historical beginnings of photosensitivity and fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology are recounted. The basic techniques for fiber grating fabrication, their characteristics, and the fundamental properties of fiber gratings are described. The many applications of fiber grating technology are tabulated, and some selected applications are briefly described. 

Fabrication and Applications of Fiber Bragg Grating- A Review

In this paper, the brief introduction of Fiber Bragg Grating , its significant applications, sensing principles, proper ties, fabrication and the basic designing of FBG have been discussed. FBG's are

Advances in optical fiber Bragg grating sensor technologies

The authors review their recent advances in the development of optical fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor technologies. After a brief review of the fiber grating sensors, several newly developed FBG

Fiber Bragg Gratings: Fundamentals and Applications in Telecommunications and Sensing

Photosensitivity in optical fibres properties of Fibre Bragg gratings inscribing Bragg gratings in optical fibres Fibre Bragg grating theory applications of Bragg gratings in communications Fibre

Fiber Bragg Gratings Based Tuning of an Optoelectronic Oscillator

In this paper, we present an opportunity to use fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) in tuning process of optoelectronic oscillators. The concept involves an optoelectronic oscillator with a set of two FBGs

A Study on Fiber Bragg Gratings and Its Recent Applications

The wide advantages of Fiber Bragg Grating are studied and reviewed which shows that the Fiber Brag Grating is more sensitive, cost-effective, light-weighted and have no electromagnetic interference over the conventional sensors.

Superstructure Fiber Bragg Grating based Sensors

For super structure fiber grating consisting of fiber bragg grating and long period fiber bragg grating, a similarity transformation method for the coupled mode equations is presented. The

Fibre Bragg grating writing using phase mask technology

Fibre Bragg gratings (FBGs) are novel components of communication and sensors. The technique commonly employed for production of FBGs involves exposure of photosensitive germanosilicate fibre cores

Fiber Grating Fabrication Using Ultra-violet -Transparent Fibers

In this paper, we show that ultraviolet-transparent coating (UVTC) fibers are used for fabricating fiber Bragg gratings in which the grating growth is different from that of using the general

Writing and applications of fiber Bragg grating arrays

Multiple Bragg gratings are written in a single fibre strand with accurate positioning to achieve predetermined time delays between optical channels. Applications of fibre Bragg grating arrays

Optical fiber grating couplers and their applications

  • Y. Sasaki
  • Physics
    Proceedings of 2001 3rd International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (IEEE Cat. No.01EX488)
  • 2001
Progress in research on optical fiber grating couplers by a CO/sub 2/ laser irradiation method is reviewed. Furthermore, applications of optical fiber grating couplers are also described. Add-drop



Uv-written in-fibre Bragg gratings

The techniques for fabrication and the properties of periodic and aperiodic fibre Bragg gratings produced by UV exposure in photosensitive optical fibres are reviwwed with an emphasis on applications.

Optical properties of photosensitive fiber phase gratings

The authors measure and calculate the optical properties of strong ( delta n/n approximately 10/sup -3/) in-core optical fiber phase gratings written by the UV laser sidewriting technique. A

Overview of fiber grating-based sensors

Optical fiber sensor technology based on intra-core Bragg gratings has been used in a number of important application areas ranging from structural monitoring to chemical sensing. Practical and cost

Narrow-band Bragg reflectors in optical fibers.

The formation and characterization of narrow-band-waveguide reflection filters in Ge-doped silica optical fibers is described. The filters can have complex response profiles and are tunable in

Fiber grating prism for true time delay beamsteering

Abstract This article presents theoretical designs for a beamsteerer that uses one laser source whose wavelength is electrically tuned. Transmit/receive beamsteering of a phased-array antenna is

Production of in-fibre gratings using a diffractive optical element

A transmission phase grating was used to write a 94% reflectivity in-fibre index grating in a photosensitive optical fibre with a single UV laser beam at 242 nm. This method offers the possibility of

A Review of Recent Developments in Fiber Optic Sensor Technology

Abstract Some of the significant developments in fiber optic sensor technology which have occurred over the past 5 to 10 years are reviewed. Particular emphasis is given to advances in

Efficient mode conversion in telecommunication fibre using externally written gratings

A novel approach to grating writing in optical fibres is described. This method involves writing the grating point by point through the side of the fibre using a UV laser source. Efficient mode

Temperature and polarisation insensitive Bragg gratings realised on silica waveguide on silicon

A new technique based on the use of polymer to drastically decrease the temperature sensitivity of Bragg gratings realised on planar silica waveguides deposited on silicon is proposed. Moreover, this

Novel applications of photosensitivity in Ge-doped silica: Bragg grating matched filtering for optical fiber dispersion compensation and multilayer optical storage medium

Irradiation of the core of an optical fiber with ultraviolet light photoinduces a permanent change in the core refractive index. This photorefractive effect called "photosensitivity" has great