Fiber‐optics Low‐coherence Integrated Metrology for In‐Situ Non‐contact Characterization of Novel Materials and Structures

  title={Fiber‐optics Low‐coherence Integrated Metrology for In‐Situ Non‐contact Characterization of Novel Materials and Structures},
  author={Wojciech J. Walecki and A. Pravdivtsev and Kevin Lai and Manuel {\'A}vila Santos and Georgy Mikhaylov and Mihail Y Mihaylov and Ann Koo},
  journal={Characterization and Metrology for ULSI Technology},
We propose a novel stress metrology technique for measurement of local stress tensor components. Metrology is based on fiber‐optic low coherence interferometry and can be applied to study stress not only in semiconductor wafers but in other applications such as displays, solar cells, modern windows. 
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