Ffar2 expression regulates leukaemic cell growth in vivo

  title={Ffar2 expression regulates leukaemic cell growth in vivo},
  author={Laure B Bindels and Paolo Ettore Porporato and Sarah Ducastel and Martina Sboarina and Nathalie M Delzenne and Evelyne M. Dewulf and Olivier F{\'e}ron and Sophie Lestavel and Patrice D Cani and Bart Staels and Pierre Sonveaux},
  booktitle={British Journal of Cancer},
Background:Activation of free fatty acid receptor 2 (FFAR2) by microbiota-derived metabolites (e.g., propionate) reduces leukaemic cell proliferation in vitro. This study aims to test whether Ffar2 expression per se also influences leukaemia cell growth in vivo.Methods:Bcr-Abl-expressing BaF cells were used as a leukaemia model and the role of Ffar2 was… CONTINUE READING