Feynman formulae for Feller semigroups

  title={Feynman formulae for Feller semigroups},
  author={Ya. A. Butko and O. G. Smolyanov and Ren{\'e} L. Schilling},
  journal={Doklady Mathematics},
Feller processes are a particular kind of continuous-time Markov processes, which generalize the class of stochastic processes with stationary and independent increments or Levy processes. A stochastic process (ξt)t≥0 in R is called Feller process if it generates a strongly continuous positivity preserving contraction semigroup (Tt)t≥0 on the space C∞(R) of continuous functions vanishing at infinity (i.e. Feller semigroup): Ttf(q) = E[f(ξt)] for any f ∈ C∞(R). Note that diffusion processes in R… CONTINUE READING