Feynman-Dyson rules from unitarity and self-consistency

  title={Feynman-Dyson rules from unitarity and self-consistency},
  author={L. Rosenberg},
  journal={Il Nuovo Cimento A (1965-1970)},
  • L. Rosenberg
  • Published 1967
  • Physics
  • Il Nuovo Cimento A (1965-1970)
  • SummaryAs a partial test of a recently proposed theory, based onN-body linear integral equations and self-consistency ideas, we examine the weak-coupling limit and show that the Feynman-Dyston rules can be derived. Since the integral equations are not solved exactly, but rather by iteration, the single-particle states must be separately inserted, and must show the correct (experimental) mass and pole residue. By requiring unitarity this insertation can be made in a fairly unambiguous way and… CONTINUE READING