Few-Qubit Lasing in Circuit QED


Motivated by recent experiments, which demonstrated lasing and cooling of the electromagnetic modes in a resonator coupled to a superconducting qubit, we describe the specific mechanisms creating the population inversion, and we study the spectral properties of these systems in the lasing state. Different levels of the theoretical description, i.e., the semi-classical and the semi-quantum approximation, as well as an analysis based on the full Liouville equation are compared. We extend the usual quantum optics description to account for strong qubit-resonator coupling and include the effects of low-frequency noise. Beyond the lasing transition we find for a singleor few-qubit system the phase diffusion strength to grow with the coupling strength, which in turn deteriorates the lasing state. This may lead to a double peak structure of the power spectrum. PACS numbers: 85.25.Cp 42.50.Pq 03.65.Yz Lasing in Circuit QED 2

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