Feudalism in Japan — a Reassessment

  title={Feudalism in Japan — a Reassessment},
  author={John Whitney Hall},
  journal={Comparative Studies in Society and History},
  pages={15 - 51}
  • J. W. Hall
  • Published 1 October 1962
  • History, Economics
  • Comparative Studies in Society and History
The question of whether Japan can rightly be said to “have had feudalism” is by no means settled. Although Westerners have been writing about “Japanese feudalism” for well over a hundred years, the acceptability of this practice is still a matter of controversy among professional historians, notably among those who make the study of medieval Europe their specialty. To a long line of Western historians ending with Herbert Norman, however, there was no question about the appropriateness of… 
A review of feudalism in Japan
  • K. Atik
  • History, Economics
    Journal of Oriental Studies
  • 2021
feudalism is as peculiar as “European” feudalism which exhibits different patterns in different countries at different times. The Japanese example is no exception in exhibiting different patterns and
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All students of Chinese history are aware of the "feudal" Interpretation of Chou China.1 This mode of analysis seems to have become popu lar primarily through the writings of Henri Maspero and Marcel
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ConclusionsThis survey of the political history of nonwestern countries has shown that Russia, Japan, and China never developed the levels of constitutional government found in late medieval Europe.
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This article argues against the claims made in R. J. Barendse's article "The Feudal Mutation." It shows first that in philosophical and historiographical terms, feudalism is a term with no agreed
The Origins of the Nation-State in Japan: Destruction of Militant Buddhism and Western Contact of the 15th and 16th Centuries
The rise of the Tokogawa Shogunate is often seen as the point of departure for the Japanese state. The effects of contact with the Chinese state and scholars and the failure of Japanese feudal lords
Discerning the Antecedents of Land Tenure and Military Nobility in Feudal Japan since the 7 Century
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  • Economics, Political Science
  • 2018
This paper illustrates the various phases in the development of feudal tendencies in Japan, with special reference to the disintegrating centralised administration, the tax immune sho, the
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The growing field of transnational or global history spotlights connections among nations and empires. This essay suggests ways in which historians of modern Japan might contribute to transnational
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The term “political modernization” is of late encountered with increasing frequency in the literature of political science. Its antecedents are somewhat diffuse. In the most general sense, it seems
The failure of the balance of power: Warring States Japan, 1467-1590
OF THE DISSERTATION THE FAILURE OF THE BALANCE OF POWER: WARRING STATES JAPAN, 1467-1590 By PHILIP A. STREICH Dissertation Director: Jack S. Levy Contrary to the predictions of balance of power
Civil war and religion in medieval Japan and medieval Europe: War for the Gods, emotions at death and treason
To compare and contrast medieval Japan and medieval Western Europe allows one to discover three things. First, analogous to Catholic holy war, in Japan becomes visible a potential for war (albeit


Foundations of the Modern Japanese Daimyo
The institutional foundations of the Tokugawa daimyo have been obscured by the lack of insight which historians have traditionally shown into the history of the Ashikaga period and, in particular,
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Attempts to establish a "morphology of civilizations" seem to continue in spite of dire warnings from scholars. Indeed, while rejecting Toynbee and Sorokin with one hand, many a scholar has beckoned
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Japan's role in Far Eastern history has been unique in many respects. Traditionally an integral part of the Chinese zone of civilization, Japan has nonetheless demonstrated a marked ability to remain
Contrasting Factors in the Modernization of China and Japan
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  • Education
    Economic Development and Cultural Change
  • 1954
The method used has been that of a comparative presentation of the cases of China and Japan. This has been done because I have felt that the presentation of those features of China that were similar
The Theory of Social and Economic Organization
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The documents of Iriki