Feuchtwiesen des Landschaftsschutzgebietes Jizerské hory. I.

  title={Feuchtwiesen des Landschaftsschutzgebietes Jizersk{\'e} hory. I.},
  author={E. Bal{\'a}tov{\'a}-Tul{\'a}{\vc}kov{\'a}},
  journal={Folia geobotanica & phytotaxonomica},
In the protected landscape region of Jizerské hory mountains and the surrounding region, wet meadow plant communities were studied. A close relationship exists between the distribution of the analyzed communities and environmental properties. Apart from the differences expressed in the reconstruction mapping units, various environmental variables were taken into consideration: height above sea levels, geological substratum, climatic regime, inclination, exposition, soil moisture, humus content… Expand
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