Fetus in fetu: two case reports and review of literature

  title={Fetus in fetu: two case reports and review of literature},
  author={Jamir D. Arlikar and Shivaji B. Mane and Nitin P. Dhende and Yogendra Sanghavi and Arvind G. Valand and Pradip Ramabhau Butale},
  journal={Pediatric Surgery International},
Fetus in fetu is a rare disorder. Its embryopathogensis and differentiation from teratoma has not been well established. It is a parasitic twin of a diamniotic monozygotic twin. Here we report, two cases of fetus in fetu with review of literature. In case report 1, a 2-year-old boy was referred for asymptomatic lump in abdomen since birth. X-ray showed the mass in the abdomen with some calcification and fluid inside. CT scan reported a heterogenous mass in the retroperitoneum with bony… 

Fetus in Fetu: Report of Two Cases and Literature Review

Two cases of FIF are reported, first one is 3 month 10 days old male child and second one is 7 month old female child, both presented with an abdominal lump and the second case presented with huge abdominal distention with lump, respiratory distress and anaemia.

Fetus in fetu from newborn’s mediastinum: case report and a review of literature

A case of fetus in fetu diagnosed during the early third trimester of pregnancy, in the medial and inferior portions of anterior mediastinum of the dominant twin, highlights the usefulness of prenatal ultrasound and MRI in the diagnosis of mediastinal masses.

Oral fetus-in-fetu: A case report

Retroperitoneal fetus-in-fetu: another supportive evidence for twinning theory

An 8-year-old boy with large abdominal lump causing upper abdominal fullness is presented and reference is made to a high likelihood of a twinning as the preceding event in this case.

Fetus-in-Fetu Vs retroperitoneal mature teratoma: A revisit of the known rarity

Surgical exploration of the abdominal mass revealed heterogeneous retroperitoneal mass containing calcifications and physical examination and histopathology confirmed the diagnosis of fetus-in-fetu.

Two cases of fetus in fetu.

Fetus in fetu: A rare case report

  • Atul SharmaA. GoyalS. Sharma
  • Medicine
    Journal of research in medical sciences : the official journal of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
  • 2012
A case of a two-month old female infant with fetus in fetu, a rare congenital anomaly in which malformed fetus grows within the body of its twin is presented.

Fetus in fetu: a rare entity

A case of a 9 years old female with fetus in fetu who was successfully managed by surgical excision is presented.

Fetus in Fetu – a rare entity

A case of a 2 month old male baby with abdominal distension noticed in the first week of life is presented, the gross and microscopic features confirmed the diagnosis of Fetus-In-Fetu.



Fetus in fetu: a case report

Although it is a rare condition imaging may play an important role in the correct prospective diagnosis of fetus in fetu, surgical excision is the recommended treatment.

Fetus in fetu: report of three cases and review of the literature

The possibility of including those cases otherwise defined as teratomas with a high grade of structural complexity in this pathological group even if they do not show a real vertebral column according to Willis' definition is suggested.

Intrahepatic fetus-in-fetu: a case report and review of the literature.

Association of a fetus in fetu and two teratomas: US and MRI

A case of an abdominal mass in a newborn girl containing a fetus in fetu and two teratomas is reported, confirmed by pathological examination and aetiological factors and radiological diagnosis are reviewed.

Fetus in fetu: molecular analysis of a fetiform mass.

A case of fetus-in-fetu in a newborn female is reported including cytogenetic and molecular studies of both the host and mass.

Antenatal diagnosis of fetus in fetu.

The ability to make an antenatal diagnosis of fetus in fetu by ultrasonography and fetography is described, and a huge spheroidal retroperitoneal mass joined to the sacrococcygeal mass is described.

Fetus-in-fetu: a case report and review of the literature.

Double fetus in fetu: Diagnostic imaging

A case with two fetuses in the retroperitoneum is presented and the criteria to be kept in mind for a correct preoperative diagnosis, using the current imaging modalities are described.

Intraventricular fetus in fetu: report of one case.

  • C. TsaiJ. S. LinF. Tsai
  • Medicine
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Dissection and radiologic study of the fetus showed an axial skeleton and long bones, corresponding to the generally recognized diagnostic criteria for fetus in fetu.

Fetus in fetu and Teratoma

A case is reported in which a fetus in fetu and a malignant teratoma were present within the same intraabdominal mass in a 6-month-old male infant. It is the first record of such an occurrence, and