Fetal growth and the timing of exposure to maternal smoking.

  title={Fetal growth and the timing of exposure to maternal smoking.},
  author={Hiroki Ohmi and Kenzou Hirooka and Yoshikatsu Mochizuki},
  journal={Pediatrics international : official journal of the Japan Pediatric Society},
  volume={44 1},
BACKGROUND Maternal smoking during the third trimester reduces the birthweight of the full-term neonate. We assessed the relationship between the timing of exposure to maternal smoking, gestational period, weight and body length for both full-term and preterm neonates. METHODS A retrospective study with a questionnaire was conducted in 1194 infants who participated in the official medical examination for 3-year-old infants. RESULTS The risk of preterm birth from mothers who smoked during… CONTINUE READING


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