Fetal arterial Doppler-IUGR and hypoxia.

  title={Fetal arterial Doppler-IUGR and hypoxia.},
  author={Philippe P Arbeille},
  journal={European journal of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology},
  volume={75 1},
Vascular resistances of various fetal areas are assessed by Doppler ultrasound. The PI, RI and S/D indices are measured on the cerebral, renal, aortic and umbilical Doppler spectrum. Ratios of these indices based on the comparison of the cerebral (Rc) and the umbilical (Rp) resistances, or carotid (Rcc) and umbilical resistances, or cerebral (Rc) and aortic (Rao) resistances (Rc/Rp or Rp/Rcc, or Rc/Rao), measure the flow redistribution between the placenta and brain. The umbilical resistance… CONTINUE READING