Fetal and postnatal growth of children born to narcotic-dependent women.

  title={Fetal and postnatal growth of children born to narcotic-dependent women.},
  author={Marta H Lifschitz and G. S. Wilson and Elliot O'Brian Smith and Murdina M Desmond},
  journal={The Journal of pediatrics},
  volume={102 5},
We studied the effect of heroin and methadone on birth length and 3-year stature of children of untreated heroin addicts (n = 22), women receiving methadone maintenance therapy (95% were polydrug users) (n = 21), and a drug-free comparison group (n = 28), after adjustment for biologic, demographic, and health variables. The mean birth lengths of both groups of drug-exposed infants were significantly below that of a comparison group; however, group means were similar after adjustment for sex… CONTINUE READING

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