Fetal and maternal lipoprotein metabolism in human pregnancy.

  title={Fetal and maternal lipoprotein metabolism in human pregnancy.},
  author={Richard H Neary and Mark David Kilby and P Kumpatula and Frances Game and Deepak Bhatnagar and Paul N. Durrington and Patrick S. O'Brien},
  journal={The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism},
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1. Lipid, apolipoprotein concentration and composition were determined in maternal venous and umbilical arterial and venous blood at delivery by elective Caesarean section in 13 full-term pregnancies and in 25 healthy non-pregnant females. The indications of Caesarean section were a previous Caesarean section or breech presentation. None of the women was in labour and there were no other complications of pregnancy or fetal distress. 2. The objectives of the study were to establish whether the… CONTINUE READING