Fetal Circulatory Variation in an Acute Incident Causing Bradycardia

  title={Fetal Circulatory Variation in an Acute Incident Causing Bradycardia},
  author={Şafak Olgan and Mehmet Sakinci and Murat Ozekinci and Nasuh Utku Dogan and Erkan Cagliyan and Sabahattin Altunyurt},
  booktitle={Case reports in obstetrics and gynecology},
Umbilical artery\vein, middle cerebral artery, and ductus venosus Doppler velocimetry were performed at 33 weeks of gestation in the settings of an intrauterine growth restricted fetus during a heart rate deceleration. Interestingly, we recorded a sudden onset redistribution of fetal blood flow with fetal bradycardia. Spontaneous normalization of waveforms was observed once fetal heart rate returned to normal. Our case provides evidence to circulatory variation of a human fetus resulting from… CONTINUE READING