Fertility of turkey hens correlated with depth of insemination.

  title={Fertility of turkey hens correlated with depth of insemination.},
  author={Bernard C. Wentworth and Michael Wineland and George Paton},
  journal={Poultry science},
  volume={54 3},
In a two year comparison of shallow insemination (two cm.) and deep insemination (seven cm.) involving both Large White and Bronze hens shallow insemination was superior to deep insemination for Large White hens. Shallow insemination of Large White hens resulted in a longer duration-of-fertility and a higher total fertility (P less than 0.01) than deep insemination. The mean fertiltity in a 51 day duration-of-fertility trial during early production was 56.1% following shallow insemination and… CONTINUE READING