Fertility and reproduction following inversion of uterus.


Puerperal inversion of the uterus is itself a rare occurrence. Records of fertility and reproduction following an episode of uterine inversion are even rarer. The reproductive outcome following correction of uterine inversion in 6 cases seen over a span of 35 years is being reported here. One case of acute inversion was managed by manual replacement and the remaining 5 of chronic inversion were corrected by Haultain's operation. The only patient managed by manual replacement conceived thrice. She aborted once, but delivered 2 healthy live babies subsequently by caesarean section done for uterine inertia each time. Out of the 5 patients treated by Haultain's technique, 3 conceived later. One did not come for follow-up after the 5th month. Each of the other 2 had full-term normal delivery of living baby under supervision. None of the cases had any complications. It is concluded that even after operative correction of inversion, uncomplicated delivery may be anticipated. Conservative surgical management is ideal even in apparently neglected and chronic cases, as most of these women were primipara or multipara with only one or 2 living children and had a desire of future child bearing.


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