Ferropigeonite quartz dacites from Chichi-jima, Bonin Islands: Latest differentiates from boninite-forming magma

  title={Ferropigeonite quartz dacites from Chichi-jima, Bonin Islands: Latest differentiates from boninite-forming magma},
  author={Naoshi Kuroda and Keiichi Shiraki and Hayaomi Urano},
  journal={Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology},
Chichi-jima, Bonin Islands, consists of dominant Eocene submarine volcanic rocks, comprising boninites, andesites and dacites, and subordinate sedimentary rocks. The dacites occur frequently in breccias and pillows overlying a boninite pillow lava sequence. The boninite pillows are intruded by a multiple dike, in which a core boninite is chilled against outer dacites. A density-stratified chamber may have been capped by a dacite magma. The dacites, which can be divided into quartz dacite and… Expand
Two types of chemical trends found in low-Ca boninite suite from Chichijima, Ogasawara (Bonin) arc
Chichijima, located in Ogasawara (Bonin) arc, Japan has been known as the type locality of boninite. Meanwhile, extremely evolved volcanics (SiO2>70 wt%) also occur together with the high-magnesianExpand
Petrology and Geochemistry of Boninite-Series Volcanic Rocks, Chichi-Jima, Bonin Islands, Japan
An Eocene submarine boninite-series volcanic center is exposed on the island of Chichi-jima, Bonin Islands, Japan. Five rock types—boninite, bronzite andesite, dacite, quartz dacite, andExpand
Petrography, Mineral Chemistry, and Phase Relations of the Basement Boninite Series of Site 786, Izu-Bonin Forearc
The 720 m of igneous basement that was penetrated at Site 786 of Ocean Drilling Program Leg 125 consists of boninite-series volcanics. Bronzite andesites dominate the lithology and primitive magmasExpand
High-Ca and low-Ca boninites from Chichijima, Bonin (Ogasawara) archipelago
Chichijima, Bonin archipelago, is a Tertiary volcanic island approximately 1000 km south-south east of Tokyo, and has been known as the type locality of boninite. Two types of boninite are found inExpand
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Geochemical and isotopic study of a plutonic suite and related early volcanic sequences in the southern Mariana forearc
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Palaeoproterozoic (1.83 Ga) zircons in a Bajocian (169 Ma) granite within a Middle Jurassic ophiolite (Rubiku, central Albania): a challenge for geodynamic models
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Compositional variation and primary water contents of differentiated interstitial and included glasses in boninites
Abstract Interstitial glasses and glasses in small inclusions in Mg-rich phenocrysts of 14 boninites from New Caledonia, the Mariana Trench, Cape Vogel and Chichi-jima were analysed by electronExpand
Derivation of some modern arc magmas by melting of young subducted lithosphere
MOST volcanic rocks in modern island and continental arcs are probably derived from melting of the mantle wedge, induced by hydrous fluids released during dehydration reactions in the subductedExpand
Diversité des plagiogranites ophiolitiques: l'exemple albanais
Plagiogranites are relatively abundant in the NE part of the Albanian ophiolite belt. They are commonly associated with subvolcanic and volcanic rocks (low Ti basalts, andesites, dacites andExpand


Boninite as a possible calc-alkalic primary magma
Boninite is an unusual, plagioclase-free magnesian andesite, occurring as vesicular pillow lavas and hyaloclastites, accompanied by andesites and dacites in Chichi-jima, Bonin Islands. The BoninExpand
Clinoenstatite in boninites from the Bonin Islands, Japan
Highly magnesian andesitic lavas were considered a rare and unusual rock type, before boninites proved to be so extensive among the Tertiary volcanic rocks in the Benin–Mariana region1–5 and someExpand
Clinoenstatite in volcanic rocks from the Bonin Islands
Multiply-twinned clinoenstatite has been found in andesitic rocks from Chichi-jima and Mukojima in the Bonin Islands.The clinoenstatite occurs as (1) reaction rims around olivine, (2) compositeExpand
The boninite revisited
Boninite occurring in Chichi-jima, Bonin Islands, is a rare rock, no exact equivalent known anywhere, and is a vesicular, feldspar-free glassy andesite according to SiO2 content (56-59%), consistingExpand
Stable isotope compositions and water contents of boninite series volcanic rocks from Chichi-jima, Bonin Islands, Japan
Measurements of stable isotope compositions and water contents of boninite series volcanic rocks from the island of Chichi-jima, Bonin Islands, Japan, confirm that a large amount (1.6–2.4 wt.%) ofExpand
Magma mixing in boninite sequence of Chichijima, Bonin Islands
Abstract Boninite from Chichijima can be divided into two major types: (A) porphyritic type (phenocryst mode exceeds 1%) and (B) aphyric type (phenocryst mode is less than 1%). Both types are furtherExpand
Magma mixing in granitic rocks of the central Sierra Nevada
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Pigeonite dacite occurring in Motegi district, Tochigi Prefecture
Pigeonite dacite lava occurs in the northern part of the Motegi-cho, Tochigi prefecture. The Motegi pigeonite dacite contains phenocryst of ferrohortonolite, ferropigeonite, ferroaugite, plagioclase,Expand
Geochemical characteristics of boninite series volcanics: implications for their source
Abstract Boninites are unusual high MgO-high SiO2 volcanic rocks found in several western Pacific island arcs. Their high Mg/(Mg + ΣFe) (0.55–0.83) and compatible element contents (Ni = 70–450 ppm,Expand