Ferromagnetism and Bound Magnetic Polaron Behavior in ${(\hbox{In}_{1-{\rm x}}\hbox{Co}_{\rm x})}_{2}\hbox{O}_{3}$

  title={Ferromagnetism and Bound Magnetic Polaron Behavior in \$\{(\hbox\{In\}_\{1-\{\rm x\}\}\hbox\{Co\}_\{\rm x\})\}_\{2\}\hbox\{O\}_\{3\}\$},
  author={Toygan Bora and Barsa Samantaray and Satyajit Mohanty and Sreenivasan Ravi},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Magnetics},
Bulk samples of (In1-xCox)2O3 were prepared in single phase form for x=0.02 and 0.07 . The samples are found to be free from impurities such as Co3O4 and other cobalt oxides as per the detailed micro structural and Raman spectroscopic analysis. Temperature variation of magnetization upto 900 K for 0.3 T magnetic field and field variation of magnetization at different temperatures down to 20 K were measured. Both the samples are found to exhibit clear room temperature ferromagnetism. The… CONTINUE READING