Ferromagnetic spins interaction in poly(m-p-aniline).


Alternating poly(m-p-aniline) can be oxidized to radical cations with spins S = 1/2. For high spin density, ferromagnetic spin interaction is observed, and some of the generated radical cations are found to be in a ground triplet state.

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@article{KulszewiczBajer2007FerromagneticSI, title={Ferromagnetic spins interaction in poly(m-p-aniline).}, author={Irena Kulszewicz-Bajer and Jacek Gosk and Mariusz Pawłowski and Serge Gambarelli and David Djurado and Andrzej Twardowski}, journal={The journal of physical chemistry. B}, year={2007}, volume={111 32}, pages={9421-3} }