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Ferromagnetic -spin glass transition induced by pressure in Gd$_2$Mo$_2$O$_7$

  title={Ferromagnetic -spin glass transition induced by pressure in Gd\$\_2\$Mo\$\_2\$O\$\_7\$},
  author={Isabelle Mirebeau and Alin Marian Apetrei and Igor N Goncharenko and Daniel Andreica and Pierre Bonville and J. P. S{\'a}nchez and Alex Amato and Emmanuelle Suard and Wilson A. Crichton},
  journal={arXiv: Strongly Correlated Electrons},
R$_2$Mo$_2$O$_7$ compounds show a ferromagnetic metal-insulator spin glass transition tuned by the radius of the rare earth ion R$^{3+}$. We have studied Gd$_2$Mo$_2$O$_7$ located on the verge of the transition, by neutron diffraction on a $^{160}$Gd isotopic sample, $\mu$SR and X ray diffraction using the synchrotron radiation. All measurements were done both at ambient and under applied pressure. At ambient pressure, a ferromagnetic state is observed below the Curie temperature (T$_{\rm C… Expand