Ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic dimer splittings in LaMn0.1Ga0.9O3

  title={Ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic dimer splittings in LaMn0.1Ga0.9O3},
  author={A. Furrer and Ekaterina Pomjakushina and Vladimir Yu. Pomjakushin and Jan Peter Embs and Th. Str{\"a}ssle},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Inelastic neutron scattering was employed to study the magnetic excitations of Mn3+ dimers in LaMn0.1Ga0.9O3. The nearest-neighbor interaction of Mn3+ ions is ferromagnetic in the basal (a,b)-plane, but antiferromagnetic along the c-direction, thus two different types of dimer excitations are simultaneously present in the experiments. From the observed energy spectra we derive Heisenberg-type exchange interactions Jab=0.210(4) meV and Jc=-0.285(5) meV as well as an axial anisotropy parameter D… 
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