Ferroelectric chalcogenides—materials at the edge

  title={Ferroelectric chalcogenides—materials at the edge},
  author={Bart J. Kooi and Beatriz Noheda},
  • Bart J. Kooi, Beatriz Noheda
  • Published in Science 2016
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • A ferroelectric material possesses an intrinsic electric dipole (polarization) whose direction can be reversed with an applied field. Applications of ferroelectrics include nonvolatile memories and sensors, but for high-density electronic devices or nanoscale devices, a limitation has been that as a ferroelectric film gets thinner, the maximum temperature for retaining the dipole—the Curie temperature Tc—decreases (often well below room temperature). On page 274 of this issue, Chang et al. (1… CONTINUE READING

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